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Fifty Six is a  card game which originated from Kerala, a southern state of India, and is very popular in the southern part of the country. It is most prevelant among educated men especially with careers in Engineering, Law and Business, as the game calls for sharp intelligence, good acumen and powers of memory and concentration




To promote the game of Fifty Six through the Internet, a club has been formed. Here is an invitation for all   interested players to join the club. For joining  or to know more details, kindly contact

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Rule books are being Authored and edited.

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Card games have continued to fascinate mankind for centuries now, the world over. Take a closer look and you will find thousands of variations of games using playing cards.
You must have certainly heard about the whist family of card games. It is being referred as a family because these are ever so many variations of whist games popular in different parts of the world. A simple game of whist is the simple two-handed whist. Then comes the knockout whist, which is equally popular. German whist is yet another whist game. Partnership whist is a whist game played by two teams of two players each. Solo whist is a game for four people and considered a gambling game. Napoleon (Nap) is also such a gambling whist game. One of the most widely played game of whist family is the Bridge and the best-known version is known as Contract Bridge. (Actually the game of contract Bridge was preceded by a simpler game called Auction Bridge).
There are other card games which are popular in some parts of the world only. Some of the best known are CLOBBIOSH and BELOT, BLACK MARIA, PIQUET, FIVE HUNDRED, POKER, BRAG, CASSINO, THE RUMMY FAMILY, KALUKI GIN RUMMY, CANASTA, CRIBBAGE, PONTOON etc.
You may not have heard of some of these card games but it is more than likely that some variation of the games is being played in your part of the world. May be you call it by some other sweet name.
In spite of these variations, luckily a pack of cards is the same the world over.
Card games can be broadly divided into three categories. The first  category is those games in which one can participate as an individual only. A good example of such a game would be rummy. The second category is the games where one has to have one or more partners to play a game. There are games in which you can participate as an individual or as a member of a team which constitute the third category. But irrespective of the card game you play, you think of cards and the first thing that comes to your mind is the element of luck. It is easy to see why. In card games you receive cards from a shuffled pack and the probability of getting a particular card is just 1/52 if you are playing with a single pack of cards. When you get the right cards that help you win, that probability is your luck.
Luck alone is not enough to play most games. You need skills which is a combination of memory, mathematics and some commonsense.
'FIFTY SIX' is a game which requires all the above skills. 'Fifty Six' is a partnership game, and all partnership games require excellent memory. As you go ahead discovering this game you will find that 'Fifty Six' can not only help i